The weekend is coming up, so it’s time for our first (and possibly last) installment of “Play This, Not That”. Let’s start with the “Not That”: if you happen to be at a yard sale and come across The Mother Goose Game, run. Run fast. As the Blippee blog puts it, in this game you, “Spin, move, spin, move, spin move, spin move, spin move spinmove spinmovespinmovespinmove spinmovespinmovespinmovespinmove…”


Let’s Play This instead: from our friends at Imagine Toys, make your own Play Dough! Woooh! We’ve all likely done this before, but it’s so much fun AND your child will give you more credit for creativity than you deserve. Nothing can stir awe and wonderment for a child like watching their parent make a toy right before their very eyes.

If the weather is bad, go ahead and play this indoors but for bonus points, take the dough out to the woods and let your kids make mixed media…they can add twigs, leaves, ants…okay that last one was kind of mean, but there are plenty of great things they could find and use while exploring with their dough 3-D canvases!


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