As the Fall months press on, it can be pretty easy to shut the family up indoors and fire up the heaters and video games. We know the typical reasons to resist the urge to shut in with the kids: obesity, hyperactivity, and so forth. Now add to that list degradation of their eyes.

Time to go get your kids’ sneakers on. A new study reported via BBC News found the following:

An analysis of eight previous studies by University of Cambridge researchers found that for each additional hour spent outside per week, the risk of myopia reduced by 2%.

Don’t go locking junior out of the house for good though:

Any increase in time spent outdoors must be weighed against exposure to UV radiation – and the increased risk of skin cancer, cataracts and other cancers.

You can read the article (from a park bench or something) via the link below.

BBC News: Lack of outdoor play linked to short-sighted children

Beautiful image via Lucia..’s photostream

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